When you are coming to play football matches or training at the Charlbury Cricket Club, Wychwood Paddocks or Nine Acres could you please respect the parking restrictions around these pitches.

Parking at Wychwood Paddocks is either at the Primary School or if this is full then please park in the car park behind the Co-op. The parking around Wychwood Paddocks is for residents only.

For the pitches on Nine Acres there is plenty of parking available behind the Co-op, please do not park on the main roads adjacent to the pitches.

Thank you for your co-operation.

CTYFC full-size pitches are located either at

Nineacres Recreation Ground, Enstone Road, Charlbury, OX7 3PQ. Park behind Co-op and walk through to pitches. (See map below – click on it to make it bigger!) or Enstone Sports Club, Coxes Lane, Enstone OX7 4AZ.

CTYFC mini-pitches are located at the Charlbury Cricket Club, OX7 3DQ, with parking available. During the cricket season matches may be played at Wychwood Paddocks, off Enstone Road, Charlbury, OX7 3RW. Please park in school car park and walk though alley to pitches when attending a match at Wychwood Paddocks.

Charlbury Map